Seek What They Sought

Seek What They Sought is a show about martial arts and the people that make them great.

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In this episode we sit down with our friend Mike Ellefson to talk about classical martial arts in contrast to more modern styles. Mike is a lifelong martial artist that has experince in a wide range of arts from styles like Shotokan Karate and Okinawan Kenpo to others such as BJJ and Aikido. This was a very fun converstation to have, we sure hope you enjoy it.


Welcome to Seek What They Sought. In our first episode, we sat down with Iain Abernethy and talked about the past, present, and future of karate. Iain leads the charge to show the world that karate may not be exactly what you think it is.

Special thanks to Benrock on YouTube for our intro/outro music and to our good friend Kristin Miguel for our fantastic cover art.

Hosted by: Zach Kowalski and Oliver Martinez.

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